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Besides the many books about trekking and mountaineering available in the book stores in Europe, a number of new interesting books have also been edited in Chile. They especially show pictures also from touristically less known, remote areas. 

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Guia de Excursiones a la Cordillera: Mauricio Purto, Italo Valle, Ediciones Turiscom, 2001, 192p., 13x21.5cm

With 78 mountains and volcanoes this booklet is the most complete guide to classic ascents in Chile. All routes come with a useful picture of the mountain, an aerial photograph to illustrate the approximation and the route, and a detailed discription in spanish and english. There is no technical climbing in the book. The ascents presented are, among others:
Northern Chile:
Pomerape 6240m, Parinacota: 6342m, Guallatire 6060m, San Pablo 6092m, Sairecabur 5970m, Licancabur 5920m, Lascar 5400m, Ojos del Salado 6893m
Central Chile:
Nevado Juncal 5925m, Cerro Leonera 4954m, Cerro Plomo 5424m, Cerro la Paloma 4910m, Cerro Pirámide 5500m, Nevado Piuquenes 6020m, Tupungato 6570m, Mesón Alto 5260m, Marmolejo 6108m, San José 5856m, Volcán Maipo 5260m
South of Santiago:
Volcanoes Tinguiririca 4280m, Descabezado 3950m, Chillán 3185m, Antuco 2980m, Tolguaca 2806m, Lonquimay 2725m, Llaima 3125m, Osorno 2650m, Macizo del Paine 3050m

Price: 6 Euro


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Guidebook (only spanish) about  Biking and Trekking in the Cordillera Central: Valleys of Aconcagua, Farellones, Maipo and Cachapoal. 16 short trekking routes and 12 bike tours discribed, partly also the rare round trips by bike. Each tour is depicted clearly on a topographic map and with pictures. Well understandable also with few spanish knowlegde. Good for poeple seeking tours around Santiago.

Cordillera de los Andes Centrales, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Latitud 90, 2000, 124 p., 12.5x21cm

Price: 3 Euro

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Guidebook (only spanish) about Biking and Trekking in Chile: La Serena, Vina del Mar, Pucon und Puerto Varas. 11 short trekking tours and 15 bike tours are discribed in detail.  Partly yet unknown, very interesting things. Each tour is presented on a topographic detail map and accompanied by altitude profile and pictures. Overview maps help to find places. Well understandable also with few spanish knowledge. 

Vacaciones en Chile, Mountain Bike, Trekking, Latitud 90, 2000, 124 p., 12.5x21cm

Price: 3 Euro






Guias de Destino: booklets of about 70 pages, compact guide books (size 12x25cm) for the touristically interesting spots of Chile. It is essentially the english translation of the big Turistel books. Each one comes with town plans and a separate map (45x45cm) of the region. Spanish-english

Price: each 4 Euro