Shipping fees and durations

Shipping is done via 'Buechersendung' ('book shipping') from Germany with the 'Deutsche Post' (German mail service). Book shippings do not have priority unless you select the option 'airmail'. Within Europe, our shippings so far arrived within 5-10 days, in some cases it took 15 days. To the U.S. it took 8-15 days in seven cases out of ten. In the other three, it took up to 35 days. Give us advise if something does not arrive within these schedules. Please select the option 'Air' to speed up within the possibilities. We cannot guarantee arrival within the given times!

Shipping fees international (Europe, N-America, ...)

Weight Europa Land
Duration*: 5-15 days
Europa Airmail
Duration*: 4-8 days
World Land
Duration*: mostly 8-15 d, but in cases up to 35 days
World Airmail
Duration*: 6-12 days
50-100g 2.50 Euro 4.00 Euro 2.50 Euro 6.00 Euro
100-250g 3.50 Euro 5.00 Euro 3.50 Euro 9.00 Euro
250-500g 4.00 Euro 6.00 Euro 4.00 Euro 13.00 Euro
500g-1.0kg 5.00 Euro 7.00 Euro 5.00 Euro 17.00 Euro
1.0-1.5kg 7.00 Euro 10.00 Euro 7.00 Euro 23.00 Euro
1.5kg-2.0kg 9.00 Euro 13.00 Euro 9.00 Euro 30.00 Euro

* according to our observation. No guarantee!
Land: within Europe only by land. For abroad with airmail and then by land. 
Airmail: all by airmail